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Spirit Cuts 37 Routes, Florida affected

November 10, 2022 | Spirit airlines have suspended or cut 37 routes from many cities around the country, mainly affecting the state of Florida.

Of those 37 routes, Spirit Airlines has cut the following routes from New Hampshire

Fort Lauderdale -> Manchester This was the only confirmed route to be axed by Spirit Airlines from Manchester, NH. Tampa has not shown on the system as of yet, but sources dictate that this route is slated to come back soon to MHT.

Fort Lauderdale was the very first route that Spirit Airlines flew on its inaugural flight to Manchester, NH on October 10, 2021, which marked the beginning of Spirit Operations at Manchester, NH.

As of November 2022, Spirit Airlines has so far done fairly well in the New Hampshire market but has seen some troubles such as when the airline had major delays in the spring of 2022, and now with a major pilot shortage as they fly in new planes. Spirit Airlines has mentioned its intention to resume most, if not all these routes once they get new pilots in the air. Here is hoping FLL comes back as a route on Spirit's Network.

Spirit has previously upgraded both MCO and FLL to the Airbus A321 with successful loads. Sources:

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