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About MHT Aviation

MHT Aviation is all about the great Airport in Manchester, NH

MHT Aviation shares all kinds of Aviation Related Videos, from normal Spotting at MHT, to flying adventures.

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Q: How often do you upload?

A: It happens randomly. There is no set time frame

Q: You've been gone for a while. Why?

A: I have a job, so sorry if I've been gone for a while

Q: Are you going to become a Pilot?

A: Yes. I'm currently training out of Hampton Airfield (7B3)

Q: Why are your videos so shaky?

A: I'm not using a Tripod. but that'll change once I get a smooth articulating Tripod

Q: Equipment?

A: Canon SX60 HS and Shotgun Mic (Videos) Canon EOS Rebel T8i (Photography)

Q: Rarest plane to come to MHT?
A: Mitsubishi MRJ90 in 2017

Q: Biggest plane at MHT?

A: 747-400 from Atlas Airlines

Q: I want to suggest a video

A: Can't take suggestions right now, sorry

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