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FedEx sends the Boeing 777-200LRF to Manchester, NH

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

FedEx Express flight 9731 from ANC arrives on time to Manchester
FedEx 777-200LR(F)

FedEx Flight 9731 Offloads critical goods to aid in the slowdown of COVID-19
FedEx Flight 9731 offloads PPE

FedEx (Federal Express) Has been sending an MD-11F almost daily from Anchorage, Alaska to help with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in an effort to slow down the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) since March of this year.

In light of this, FedEx has decided to change it up and send us the Boeing 777-200LR(F)!

This was a huge surprise to all of us spotters in the New Hampshire area, as the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has never received a Boeing 777-200LR(F) in its history of cargo operations.

On August 1, 2020, Many spotters arrived from around NH to witness history in the making.

At 9:49am Eastern Daylight Time, FDX9731 lands on time and taxied to the cargo apron.

Due to its sheer size, Taxiway Echo (E) was closed, as the 777's tail was about 20' into the taxiway when parked.

This isn't the first Boeing 777-200 to arrive into Manchester, NH though. Omni Air International sent Three Boeing 772ER's last year in 2019, making this the fourth Boeing 777-200 to land in Manchester, NH.

This is, however, the first Freighter variant of the Boeing 777 to land at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

This was something indeed, almost 20 spotters came to see this airplane land. I hope you enjoyed reading this Blog post.

The video for this aircraft is available to view on YouTube

FedEx Boeing 777-200LR(F) Arrival into MHT

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