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Spirit Suspending Operations at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport citing Operational Issues and Demand changes.

Spirit Airlines aircraft at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

February 22, 2024

Spirit Airlines will be suspending service at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport during the Summer citing operational issues and demand changes in the region. Spirit is not the first airline to suspend service in Manchester, as Delta back in 2020 suspended service to Atlanta, Detroit, and New York, although they planned on returning in November 2020, Delta ended up completely leaving MHT for good and consolidating service in Boston.

Spirit was the first airline to join MHT in the year 2021 and was the newest airline to join in about 17 years, initially offering service to Orlando, Tampa, Fort Meyers, Fort Lauderdale, and Myrtle Beach.

Spirit has said that they aim to return to Manchester in the Winter of 2024-25, although the possibility of them returning seems rather hard to imagine, as they have expanded in Boston's Logan International Airport, adding new destinations such as Charleston, SC, Huston-Intercontinental, TX, and Norfolk, VA, which brings up their total destinations from BOS to fourteen (14) versus just the two (2) here in Manchester down from the original Five (5) they offered starting out.

This Suspension may lead customers loyal to Spirit to instead book their flights out of Boston, and this scenario may also allow Avelo Airlines to expand here in Manchester further by adding additional flights to Florida, which shows their commitment to serve the Granite State.

The opportunity for Avelo to Expand in Manchester is now open. Will they take the chance and possibly add service to Florida markets? Only time will tell.

Spirit flights can still be booked up until May 8, 2024, to Orlando. Customers who have booked flights to Myrtle Beach and Orlando beyond those dates will receive a full refund or flight credit that can be used on other Spirit Flights.

View the official news article on this Suspension here on WMUR9.

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