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Spirit Begins service today, announces new Seasonal Service to Myrtle Beach

A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320neo pushes back at Fort Lauderdale International Airport (Image by MHT Aviation)

10-7-2021 | Spirit Airlines (NASDQ: SAVE) Officially begins service at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Today.

Spirit Airlines Inaugurated Their first ever service to the Granite State on one of their State of the art Airbus A320neo Aircraft today. This flight, Originating from Fort Lauderdale, was the first scheduled flight to MHT, and the first ever flight from Spirit to land in New Hampshire.

This is the newest airline to join MHT, and the newest airline in 17 years.

With Spirit Airlines in New Hampshire, many travelers can now fly Non-Stop to four destinations in Florida for a lower price.

Spirit Airline offers Food and Beverages for a price on the flight, as well as extra costs such as picking your seat and adding in Carry-On and Overweight Luggage. Passengers should be aware of these charges as Spirit has "Unbundled" these amenities in order to drive the ticket prices down.

N945NK, a two month old Airbus A320neo, was chosen to fly this route.

Passengers arriving on the inbound FLL flight were met with a Water Salute and Media were there photographic and videoing the event as well.

A Press Release soon followed, with Spirit announcing new Daily Seasonal Service to Myrtle Beach beginning on April 20, 2022, a first time for people from New Hampshire to fly to South Carolina, although Allegiant was the first to fly to MYR from PSM first

Spirit Announces new Seasonal Service to MYR Beginning April 20, 2022

The Airport Director Ted Kitchens gave Spirit a warm welcome, and is hopeful that Spirit will do well in New Hampshire.

On the Inbound Flight, only 47 passengers were on board. This is due to people once again being afraid to fly from the Pandemic and the New Delta Variant that we have seen on the News.

On the first outbound MCO flight, 121 Passengers were on board the flight.

This is a historic day, and was celebrated with the ribbon cutting and various freebies from the Airport, as well as a custom made cake that everyone enjoyed.

Book your flights on Spirit today to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Myrtle Beach

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