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Douglas DC-3 Lands in Manchester, NH

DC-3 Taxiing to the Ramp

The Douglas DC-3 from MA flew in today as a big event that was hosted by the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire.

MHT Aviation Got a close up view of the DC-3 as this was the first DC-3 to land since the early 1970's.

This DC-3 got a water salute as it ended a 5 month virtual flight around the world that was hosted by the NHANHS and So Many Aircraft.

This DC-3 Event has a major turnout despite COVID-19.

With this Event, many Aviation Enthusiasts, Photographers, and people alike came to see this rather old relic from the past.

Big Crowd views the DC-3 parked

The Mayor was at the event, alongside the Airport Director himself.

This event was the first major event to be hosted during the Pandemic, and everyone alike wore masks and were in accordance to CDC guidelines

DC-3 Interior

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