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Delta No longer offering flights from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

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On November 11, 2020, Delta Air Lines (NASDQ: DAL) has officially pulled out of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Their original plan was to restart service in March of 2021, but that is not the case now as they have decided to leave MHT.

With Delta leaving, this will impact the airport, as this will mean One Less Carrier to choose from.

Ted Kitchens, the Airport Director, has made a statement saying: "While we don't necessarily agree with the decision, we support Delta in the decision, and we'll be more than happy to welcome Delta back"

Ted Kitchens has also stated that "There is still a Market for Delta here in Manchester".

The Airport will continue to be marketed to Airlines wishing to service MHT in the future. In the meantime, the airport will continue to strengthen their relationship with the current airlines that will continue to serve Manchester.

As of November 2020, MHT is now only served by American, Southwest, and United.

______________________________ MHT Aviation has made a statement saying: "While I'm upset that Delta is leaving, I am hoping that Southwest and American can pick up the lost routes. Southwest to Atlanta, and American to LaGuardia."

The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has been hit hard since the beginning of the Pandemic, losing 96% of Travelers since COVID-19 Pandemic began.

The Airport has reported that the numbers have gone back up to near pre-covid numbers, outperforming smaller similar stations in other states.

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