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Avelo Begins service In Manchester, New Hamspshire

June 23, 2023 20:48 (8:48pm EDT) local Hello Avelo!

Avelo Airlines officially started service to the Granite State this past Wednesday and marked the beginning of Avelo Operations at the airport.

The airport celebrated and a ceremony was held for this special occasion. Local media and aviation enthusiasts alike came to see the spectacle of Avelo Airlines, a new airline that is just started operations back in 2021.

Avelo Airlines first announced their intention to fly to the Granite State back in March 2023, announcing their twice-weekly flight to Raleigh, North Carolina. Avelo at the time just announced their base opening at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and is basing a single Boeing 737-800 at RDU as they expand their presence in the Eastern US.

Avelo Airlines Boeing 737-800 at RDU. This 737-800 was used for the Inauguration of the Raleigh to Manchester route Wednesday, June 21, 2023

With the arrival of Avelo, and a new destination to fly to, lower fares are more than ever present at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Avelo boasts as they have adopted their identity being the newest Ultra Low-Cost Carrier to enter the Aviation Industry, which is expanding faster than the number of aircraft they own.

"We want to make it clear, Low fares are back in New Hampshire. You do not have to go to Boston to find that low fare" Remarked Airport Director Ted Kitchens during the brief press conference held at Gate 3 after the Arrival of Avelo 604 from Raleigh, NC. "I want to thank the hard work and dedication of the airport team for making this happen," Mayor Joyce Craig remarked as the airport steadily grows to Pre-Pandemic levels.

This event also held a tradition to cut a ribbon, which marked the beginning of Avelo's presence in the Granite State.

Airport Director Ted Kitchens talks about how low fares have returned to Manchester, and how passengers no longer have to go to Boston.

Avelo Airlines will be flying between Raleigh, NC, and Manchester, NH twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. The Inaugural flight was a special occasion and was held on a Wednesday. These flights will be departing from RDU at 7:30 am and arrive in MHT at 9:20 am. The Return flight will depart from MHT at 10:00 am and will arrive back in RDU at 12:00 pm. Each flight will be operated on a 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft, and is 1x Thursdays and Sundays.

Avelo had an impressive start already, as the inaugural flight had 135 of 189 seats filled coming to Manchester and 110 seats of 189 seats filled going back to Raleigh. Avelo is hoping to emulate what they have done in New Haven, and if successful in Manchester, they will most likely be adding more routes in the future as they acquire new aircraft to add to their fleet.

Avelo features slimline seats, similar to those found on Southwest.

Mayor Joyce Craig and Airport Director Ted Kitchens sit aboard the aircraft at the gate.

Those who flew in on the Inaugural flight received a certificate of the inaugural flight as a special way to commemorate the arrival of Avelo. There also was a table full of freebies that passengers and media alike can go to and have the chance to take home items and eat special cookies that were shaped in the aircraft that Avelo uses.

The Return flight was also numbered 603, as a special way to show the state's area code of 603. In terms of numbers on the route, Ted Kitchens noted that the numbers seem promising, so there is a chance that new routes from Avelo may be announced in the near future.

A Giveaway was also held for two free round-trip tickets to those who have flown on either inaugural flight, and two winners will be announced in September of this year. The airport is growing, and this is the airport's second newest airline, and the fifth airline to join the airport roster.

Here is to long and successful operations for Avelo here in Manchester, and here is hoping that Avelo will expand at the airport and bring in new and unique routes to the granite state, to bring back numbers and also make it more convenient to fly from MHT vs BOS as more destinations are added.

Flight Information

​Flight #



Dep. Time

Arr. Time














Flights will be offered every Thursday and Sunday

Photo Gallery from the Inauguration of Avelo's RDU Route.

A table full of goodies

Avelo's HELLO AVELO banner board.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Certificate for flying on the Inaugural flight to Raleigh. One from Raleigh was also provided.

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Check out the Airport's official website

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