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3D Development

MHT Aviation will offer a wide range of 3D Models of Airport GSE, Aircraft, and Airport Assets for you to use in Projects and games!

These Assets will be available in the near future.

Stay Tuned!

These Models will be available for purchase on Unity as a Game Asset

Featured Models


TLD 3D Model

This TLD inspired 3D model was made in Blender.

This model was made in just two days and is for static use only. No animations, and basic textures
No moving parts, Most of the Mesh are separate entities which can be changed and altered

TLD 4210 3D Model

This TLD Model is inspired by the Model 4210. This is a static GPU made in Blender.

Model has no animations and is not rigged and is solely used for decoration in Video games or scenes.

Most parts on the mesh are separate and can be changed and altered

Coming soon
TLD Model 4120.png
Luggage Cart.png

Luggage Cart 3D Model

This Luggage cart is a perfect fit for games, scenes, or animations.

This simple model is great for airport scenes and comes in multiple colors.

No Animation, 3D Model not rigged

 Made in Blender

Asset has multiple separated objects which can be altered and manipulated 

Coming soon

Can't find what you're looking for? Click on the button below to look for models you want for your games/scenes.

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